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Views All All
Connectors All All
Storage/Memory Unlimited* Unlimited*
On-premise Yes Yes
Collaborate - Yes
Authentication - SAML-based SSO,
Google Sign-in
Source code Github Customers only
License BSL Proprietary**
Support Basic Yes
Released Soon Soon
Price FREE Contact us

* SkyAlt as the software has no limits, but your hardware has limits.

** We provide source code and allow modification.

Frequently Asked Questions

How is SkyAlt different from competitors?
Fundamental SkyAlt requirements are:
- Free: Maybe you'll use it for a few decades
- Scale: We're talking terabytes here
- Public source code: It must run If SkyAlt goes out of business
- Private: Only You can access your data

Our competitors have many shapes, but on the background it's the same sets of blocks, widgets, or views. You can set block properties, connect a block to other blocks, but you can NOT easily make a block.

Soon, we will release the "IDE for Big data", which will be all about customization. You'll easily make an Asset(that's how we call "block") from scratch or use an Asset from the library(customize it, if you want) and shape your data with it. An asset can be a connector to database, filter, visualization, or whatever you wanna make. It can be small or complex. SkyAlt is the place where any user can easily make a feature(Asset) and share it with other users, who can make that feature even better.

How much privacy do I have?
SkyAlt is self-hosted. No spyware. No backdoors. No Ads. No lock-in. You own & control your data. We don't have your data and can't access it. You can check the source code.

Is it Open-source?
You can check 100% of the code on GitHub. The code is released under Bussiness Source License, which gives you access to the source code and guarantees of converting to GPL after 5 years. We recognize that organizing data will cost you a lot of time and energy. Thanks to source-available and self-hosting, you can be sure, you will never lose what you've built in SkyAlt.

Where do you make money?
SkyAlt DESKTOP is free and unlimited. It aims for small teams and consumers.
SkyAlt SERVER offers all features of the DESKTOP version, plus the ability for multiple users to collaborate on the same project. We charged for the SERVER version and also provide technical support. For comparison, please check Pricing.

How can I help?
You can report a bug and request new features on GitHub or send me an e-mail.

Who are you?
My name is Milan Suk. I'm from the Czech Republic. I'm in my 30s. I focused mainly on computer graphics R&D. In 2010, I released BulletSOP(video). The plugin for creating large rigid body simulations inside Sidefx Houdini, which was used in the production of movies Chappie(2015), San Andreas(2015) and few other smaller projects. In 2014, I've got an idea for the new low-code platform, which became SkyAlt ...

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